People removing and carrying a coffin from a VW splitscreen campervan

VW Splitscreen Hearse

Why not break with tradition? Choose a VW Splitscreen hearse with Saints Funeral Services.....

Saints Funeral Services are proud to present the only VW Splitscreen funeral hearse available in Cornwall.

This vehicle started its life back in 1965 when it left the German factory headed for the UK as an eleven-window, right hand drive camper. A few years into its life it was involved in a serious car accident but destined for better things, it was quickly back on the road.

It was in early 2014 that Saints Funeral Services transformed the Volkswagen into a funeral car, namely a VW hearse. Many locals, and visitors alike, have grown up around Volkswagen campers and what better than to leave this world in a Volkswagen splitscreen hearse. The VW has been professionally modified to transport your loved one to their funeral service in style.

Saints Funeral Services recognises that people are increasingly wishing to celebrate their loved ones life. What better way to do it than in travel in a Volkswagen Splitscreen funeral hearse.

Available to hire directly by the public, or through your local funeral director throughout the South West regions.