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Pre Paid Funeral Plans From Saints Funeral Services

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Most people don’t want to think about their funeral, let alone arranging one, but unfortunately it is a fact of life and if you do not want to think about it, you can guarantee your family won’t at a time when they are grieving. That is why, a Saints Funeral Plan, not only makes financial sense, it is helping your family at a time when they need it.

Here at Saints Funeral Services we can create a funeral plan, tailored to suit your individual requirements. Funeral plans are a great way of relieving the burden from grieving relatives and ensuring all of your wishes are met. You can make the decision on everything from the hearse down to the order of service, flowers and burial site. This is becoming an increasingly popular option which not only ensures your wishes are met but saves you money in the long run. It has become a part of everyone’s future planning, just like making a will, reflected in the fact that nearly one million people in the UK have taken out a funeral plan.

There are a variety of funeral plans, depending on your wishes, but please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and make an appointment should you wish to discuss it further.

We believe that the Saints Funeral Plan, offers you significant advantages over other plans and we will explain why; By choosing to plan ahead for a funeral, you will benefit from:

Peace of mind that everything is taken care of Fixing the costs of your funeral now and saving money. Funeral director’s costs are guaranteed to be covered.

Family reassurance that your family will not have to cope with any uncertainty or worries about your funeral arrangements


Once you have decided the funeral plan that suits you, you can be rest assured that everything will be taken care of, minimising the burden on your family and friends. Every detail from hearse, to ceremony, to specifics such as hymns will be taken care of and your precise wishes granted.


Why save for a funeral when you can benefit in a financial climate where costs are rising well above the rate of inflation? Regardless of rising funeral costs, once a Saints funeral plan is in place, we can ensure that you will not have a pay any further costs and that your money is protected. Dependant on how you wish to pay for your plan, the money will then be paid into a trust and invested accordingly. There are some costs that we are obliged to pay on your behalf and unfortunately are not within our control so may require an additional payment based on the charges at that time. These third party costs include the charges of burials and cemeteries, as well as doctors’ fees for cremation certificates, the fees of clergy or officiants and the costs of newspaper notices and memorials.


A funeral plan is a sound financial decision, ensuring that you do not pay the costs of a funeral which are currently rising well above the rate of inflation. Not only does this guarantee your wishes, it ensures that we will save you money resulting in benefitting your family estate. Back in 2004, an average funeral cost around £1,920. However, recent research† shows the average cost of a funeral in the UK is now £3,700 – an increase of 52% in ten years, well above the general level of inflation. However, you have a choice;
1. Pre planned funeral plan 2. Pre paid funeral plan If preplanning your funeral is something you would like to do, please contact us and we will be able to assist you. There is no age limit to securing a pre-paid plan with us and no medical tests or declarations of good health required.


Plan Feature Standard Select         Premier        
Funeral director’s professional services Yes Yes Yes
Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral arrangements Yes Yes Yes
Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation Yes Yes Yes
Simple Coffin Yes    
Traditional Coffin   Yes  
Exclusive Coffin     Yes
Transport of the deceased from the place of death to Saints Chapel of Rest within 15 miles During normal office hours Yes Yes
Care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation (excludes embalming) Yes Yes Yes
Chapel of rest, or rest rooms or service rooms, for family and friends to visit Yes Yes Yes
Family viewing No Yes Yes
Cremation or burial where locally available Yes Yes Yes
Provision of Hearse Yes Yes Yes
Provision of Limousine   One Limousine Two Limousines
A full listing of floral tributes No Yes Yes
Confidential advice concerning bereavement counselling Bereavement advice book Yes Yes
Ability to transfer plan to another family member (terms and conditions apply) Yes Yes Yes