Choosing the right funeral in Cornwall for you is a choice only you can make as a family. What remains, regardless of your decision, it the consistency in care, respect and professionalism we, at Saints, will provide for your loved one.

Every funeral is unique and consequently, dependant on your wishes, the costs may vary.

Our Saints traditional funeral option provides details of our comprehensive service.

We can bespoke the funeral specifically to your needs but below is an example of our fees.

Our Direct Cremation Funeral option refers to the most basic of funerals which does not accommodate the wish for a funeral with guests or family in attendance. It is based on no service or no requested date the funeral will take place.

Saints Traditional Funeral

Saints Traditional Funeral gives you the flexibility to have the funeral take place at a location of your choice, conducted by clergy/celebrant of choice should you wish.

Below are the services provided by Saints;

  • Our private ambulance to convey from a private residence, hospital or Coroner’s mortuary within 25 miles during office hours
  • Care of the deceased
  • Making the funeral arrangements either in your own home or at one of our funeral sites
  • Use of our Private Chapel of Rest
  • Consistency of Funeral Director from initial call to the funeral day. Staffing and conducting the funeral to its conclusion to include Funeral Director
  • Use of our hearse, cortege to start from address if required to local Crematorium or Cemetery (our matching limousines are available at an additional cost)
  • Obtaining all necessary forms and documents required by the authorities
  • Use of our SAIF Care Bereavement Counselling service
  • Handling donations to your chosen charity to also include use of our online donation service
  • Corresponding with all necessary parties and organisations such as Minister/Celebrant, Doctors, Crematoriums etc
  • Arranging music for the service to include providing music on CD if required
  • Choice of date and time for funeral service
  • Order of Service design service
  • Collection of cremated remains from the Crematorium, storage for 3 months at our funeral home
  • Provide choices of coffins or caskets, including fittings and linings. FD can confirm pricing

Total of our services £1745.00 plus coffin of your choice and disbursements


Direct Cremation funeral

Direct Cremation includes:

  • Our private ambulance to convey from a private residence, hospital or Coroner’s mortuary within 15 miles and office hours
  • Completion of all documentation.
  • Doctors’ fees (if applicable)
  • Standard Cremation-No funeral service or attendance at crematorium. FD to choose day and time .
  • Fee for Cremation (at Crematorium of our choice).
  • Simple coffin, in standard size, with nameplate.
  • Option to collect cremated remains from either one of our funeral homes or from the crematorium; or scatter in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed).

Total Cost £1645
(Excluding viewing in our private Chapel of Rest)