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St Ives Funeral Directors

This is a helpful insight into what is required of you when you loose a loved one and what happens next.

Funeral directors in Cornwall

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the expectations on the funeral day. This provides you with a step by step guide on the order of the day.

Cornwall funeral directors

Our service to you goes beyond the funeral day and this will give you an overview of our available services to you.

Allow us to help you choose the right funeral service

Welcome to Saints Funeral Services, we hope you find our website informative. We are open 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year, and are here to assist you at such a sensitive time of bereavement. Saints Funeral Services is a family run, independent funeral directors based in St Ives & Hayle, covering funerals in St Ives, Hayle, Penzance and the surrounding area.
Our sole aim is to help you celebrate your loved ones life and represent their life in a dignified manner. We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate, yet professional service, run by local people for local people. We offer religious and non religious ceremonies and have our own celebrant, if required. We also have a range of hearses and limousines from the traditional black vehicles to more contemporary vehicles.

We will help you by taking away the burden of all the funeral arrangements during such a difficult time of bereavement. We are passionate about the celebration of life, which is reflected in the services we provide. We are here to help, and give your loved one the send off they deserve.
We will assist you at every stage of the funeral, from the initial passing of your loved one, to the funeral, and even after the funeral day. Saints are dedicated to offering our support and assistance along this journey. Saints Funeral Services can offer advice on all legal aspects of bereavement and registration, inquests, burial and crematorium laws. We aim to accommodate any of your wishes to help make your funeral day the right one.
Priding ourselves on providing a unique level of service, we feel we are unrivalled which is so important when arranging your loved ones day. Our staff are able to visit you in the comfort of your own home or we can make an appointment for you to visit us at our offices should you prefer. Our offices are located in tranquil, peaceful locations in which you can relax in our company.
If you have any transportation issues we are more than happy to pick you up and return you to your home should this be required. A member of the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors and Federation of Funeral Directors, we are always available to offer advice in making all of your funeral arrangements.

Funerals Cornwall

Our Services

We aim to make your funeral experience stress free and want you to lean on us for support throughout the process. Consequently, we aim to provide a vast range of services to meet your needs and provide that personal, intimate funeral service.

Interior of the Saints Funeral Service chapel

Not many funeral directors are privileged to be able to provide services from their own chapel which overlooks the beach. This section enables you to get a small glimpse of our intimate venue.

View over the cemetery looking out to the sea

Burial is a personal choice with numerous options of burial grounds available throughout West Cornwall.

Looking towards the chapel with blue skies and hills in the background

An ever popular choice for many, this section enables you to make an informed decision on whether cremation is for you.

Pre-paid Funerals

Planning for your funeral is something most of us shy away from, yet is a reality for all. This is a great overview on what is involved in creating your own funeral plan and the benefits this provides.

Pre-paid Funeral plans in Cornwall

Personalising the funeral

A funeral should be about you & your loved ones wishes being put into reality. This insight highlights our focus on providing bespoke funerals to fit your needs, whether it be a burial or cremation. 

Hearse and other vehicle parked side by side on grass with blue sky background

Check out our traditional fleet of hearse, limousine and ambulance. 

Bearers carrying a coffin on shoulders removed from a restored VW Campervan

If traditional is not your thing then take a look and see if you would prefer a hearse with a difference.

Saints Funerals staff in front of premises

Hand picked local people servicing local people in our community, get an insight into the faces behind the suits. 


What a selection, whether it be a coffin spray or bespoke funeral arrangement, our florist can advise and guide you through the right choice for you.

A coffin in the chapel of rest

Do not be overwhelmed, be directed by your wishes whether that be eco friendly, cardboard, solid wood or wicker.