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After the funeral (SAIF CARE)

Whether you chose to have a wake it is up to you, there is no right or wrong. The wake usually takes place directly after the funeral service. You can chose the location of your choice. It may be a pub, restaurant, our chapel or even your home.

You may have been kept busy up to the funeral and once it is over you may find this a particularly challenging time, emotionally. Please do not suffer in silence and think you can cope. We have some brilliant after care services, namely SAIF care (National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) but there are also numerous other options out there. You may wish to speak to the Samaritans or Cruise Bereavement Care. If you find you are struggling, talk to friends or family or us and we can help you. It is also recommended that you should consult with your doctor. The loss of someone is never easy and there is no way of knowing how you will react to this. We, again, urge you to speak to someone should you feel the need. Just pick up the phone and speak to us. We are part of the Society of Independent Allied Funeral Directors and are exclusively able to offer you bereavement support through SAIF care.