A view from up above overlooking the chapel with a cemetery in the foreground and a beach in the background


Saints Funeral Services is dedicated to meeting your needs and we are able to look after your deceased loved one until the funeral. We take away the burden of bureaucracy and can ensure the relevant medical certificates are completed and the death is registered. We will also notify family, friends and colleagues and take responsibility for all of the funeral arrangements.

At Saints Funeral Services we are here to help you create the funeral you or your loved one would wish for. There is no right or wrong, this is about you and your wishes, we are merely here to put your wishes into reality.

We can also help you create a truly individual Order of Service for the funeral, as well as keepsakes such as Memorial Cards and Bookmarks for your guests.

Obviously the critical choice is between whether to have a burial or cremation, but this is a very personal one. Cremation is the most common choice but decisions may be influenced by various factors, such as religion, family tradition, or the wishes of the person who has died. Essentially, the choice is down to you, or the deceased, and we can accommodate either preference.

Once we are instructed we will appoint a funeral director to come and see you or you are welcome to visit us at our tranquil premises. We will then discuss the funeral arrangements and put the plans in place. The funeral director will be personal to you and take you through the whole process and be with you on the funeral day to support you and your family and friends. They will also continue to provide support after the funeral should this be required.