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Our Fleet at Saints Funeral Services

Our Fleet

Our funeral vehicle fleet consists of a black mercedes hearse and limousine and are timeless classics capable of transporting your loved one and family in style and comfort on their funeral day. We usually attend the home address requested and travel to the church or place of service. Some of you may not feel you require this service and you may even think you want something slightly different. 

Here at Saints Funeral Services we are able to offer something less sombre in theme, if required, with our philosophy of celebrating life. That is why we provide a beautiful classic VW Splitscreen camper hearse and Splitscreen transport. From experience, this is a very individual requirement which allows the family/deceased to put their own stamp on the funeral ceremony. This vehicle has been used by those of all ages and is often a fond expression of someones personality.We cover all of Cornwall so if you are not local to us but wish to use our Splitscreen fleet, please contact us or your local funeral director for further information.

Mercedes Hearse

Our Mercedes hearse is a classic vehicle finished in silver to our unique specification. A classic hearse used here in Cornwall and the South West, this has been coachbuilt in the UK. The interior is fitted with respectful tradition in mind, ensuring your loved one is transported with the dignity they deserve

Mercedes Limousine

We have a matching Mercedes limousine which is a unique, classic looking vehicle with refined leather interior finished to our specifications. These vehicles are fitted out to am extremely high standard and to our knowledge this is a unique Mercedes limousine model finished in black. This vehicle can accommodate up to six mourners comfortably and safely and will collect and return you to your destination with ease.

Traditional Funeral Hearse and Limousine

Volkswagen Hearse

For those wishing to provide something different we are also able to offer a lovely Volkswagen Splitscreen hearse and passenger vehicle. Professionally modified, our rare, unique hearse is guaranteed to put a smile on people’s faces, helping us to remember the life of your loved one. Our Splitscreen hearse is the only Volkswagen hearse in Cornwall and was professionally coach built here in Cornwall.

Private Ambulance

Our private ambulance is based on a modern Volkswagen, internally designed to our specification. Finished in black we are able to transport your deceased loved one with the dignity they deserve. Discreetly modified, this journey will be a peaceful, comfortable one.