Coffins and caskets fro Saints funerals in Cornwall

Coffins & Caskets

This is always a difficult topic, knowing it will be your loved ones last journey. The coffin choice is a personal one and I am sure you will consider many factors, appearance, cost, material or whether it is eco friendly. 
There is a vast variety of choice from oak veneer, solid oak, cardboard or printed  coffins. All of our coffins are specifically designed to meet the criteria for burial or crematoria.
Timbers and timber products used in the processes are sourced from managed, sustainable resources where management are replanting is government supervised. 
All materials comply with the latest regulatory requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Amesbury Veneer Coffin
Arbury Veneer Coffin
Coloured Veneer Coffin
Cotswold Veneer Coffin
Henley Oak Veneer Coffin
Westminster Oak Veneer Coffin
Worcester Veneer Coffin
Elm Foil Coffin
Basic Foil Coffin
Mahogany Foil Coffin
Oak Foil Coffin
Cathedral Solid Coffin
Hardwood Eco Coffin
Personalised Solid Coffin
Pine Eco Solid Coffin
Solid Oak Coffin
Rounded Bamboo Wicker Coffin
Rounded Brown Wicker Coffin
Traditional Brown Wicker Coffin
White Cardboard Coffin
Woodgrain Effect Cardboard Coffin
Traditional Bamboo Wicker Coffin
Colourscape 50s Coffin
Colourscape Beach Coffin
Colourscape Chocolate Coffin
Colourscape Rainbow Coffin
Small Beachscene Scattertube
Small Butterfly Scattertube
Small Grey Cherry Blossom Scattertube
Small Pink Cherry Blossom Scattertube
Beachscene Scattertube
Butterfly Scattertube
Grey Cherry Blossom Scattertube
Pink Cherry Blossom Scattertube
Malvern Oak Wooden Casket
Wooden Casket
Selby Mahogany Wooden Casket
Severn Wooden Casket
Panelled Oak Wooden Casket