Funeral Director walking in front the funeral cortege

What Happens on the Day

The funeral day is an emotionally and mentally difficult time and sometimes it can be a blur when you look back on it. This is purely down to the emotional stress your body is under. 
That said, you should have no concerns relating to what happens on the day of the funeral. Our funeral director will brief you, running through timings the day before. You will know exactly what will happen and, if not, please do not worry as the funeral director will be by your side the whole day.

The funeral director will meet you at your designated location, whether that be at your home address or at the chapel/church of choice. 
Once at the funeral service location, you will be guided to your seats for commencement of the service. Please do not think you have anything to worry about, we will take you through the process.

We will notify you at the end of the funeral service and you will make your way to the exit before moving on to the wake (if applicable).