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After the Funeral With Saints Funeral Services

After the FuneralĀ 

We often work with families beyond the funeral, whether to advise them on the choice of memorial masonry, or to help with legal affairs. We can facilitate the spreading of your loved ones ashes. Whether that be at a strategic location, in a memorable spot or even out at sea, this can be arranged and nothing is too much for us to ensure you cope in this difficult time. We provide a bespoke service where we can go out to sea for a scattering of your loved ones ashes. If you feel this is something that you would be interested in then please discuss it with Darren and he can make the necessary arrangements.

We also work with support agencies who can help you cope with the long term loss and help you grieve. If you require any contact details these are available on request. Bereavement counselling assistance can be found at